Düsseldorf | Berlin | Hamburg | Munich
September 23 - 26, 2019

Berlin & Hamburg have reached capacity - limited spaces available at the Düsseldorf and Munich fairs!

Recruiting international students requires more than mailing brochures and catalogues abroad or boosting your website. Talking to prospective students personally in their home countries in a supportive and professional environment is key in making valuable one-on-one contact. If you're looking for students from Germany, CollegeCouncil's International College Days are a tailor-made opportunity you simply can't afford to miss.

Building and expanding upon the experience gathered in over 25 years of advisory and program development and coordination in the field of international education, CollegeCouncil staff continues the tradition of organising International College Days in Germany. Joining forces with other established educational institutions in Germany, we will make sure that this year's College Days will once again become a prime occasion for presenting the wealth of international study options to a selected circle of interested visitors – your future students.

As you make your plans to participate in these events, you may wish to keep in mind the schedule of fairs run by affiliated organizations in Europe and the Mediterranean.

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Why CollegeCouncil's College Days should become part of your recruitment schedule:



As educational professionals we have excellent contacts in the most important educational institutions in Germany. In co-operation with the Amerika Haus in Munich and other study/career info centers in Germany, we will issue invitations to university and final year high school students throughout Germany.



Our clients have a strong interest in an international education. Intercultural competence and fluent English are prerequisites in almost any career field. In addition to the huge interest in an American education, our clients are increasingly interested in study opportunities in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and at international universities in Europe.



Germany has traditionally been among the leading countries of origin, for example to the United States. In the Open Doors 2016 Report, it is ranked 15th in the world, a close third in Europe after Turkey and the UK. The large majority of these students pay their own way through college.



Throughout the College Day event, we present workshops on the educational systems abroad, so that you can concentrate on talking about your institution instead of explaining the differences between a Masters and Bachelors degree.



We are with you 100% of the way. Our staff is there to make sure that your needs are met. On and before the day of the fair, we will support your preparation logistically and otherwise.

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Information for Registered Exhibitors

Our team has prepared a series of "info-sheets" which contain everything you need to plan your travels for the fairs. Each link opens a Google Document, which you can download in the format you prefer (under "File" --> "Download as")